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Star Mats V/S Universal Mats


  • Star car mats are more stylish than universal mats.
  • Universal car mats are made to fit a wide range of vehicles while Star car mats are tailored made to fit your exact car make and model. 
  • Universal mats have a flat design while Star car mats have 3 Dimensional design to capture anything that your feet may bring in, as well as catching any crumbs or spills.
  • Star car mats compared to Universal mats fit perfectly so they provide maximum safety while driving & are less likely to slip, a principle cause of driver irritation and pedal obstruction.
  • Star car mats are made using high quality material so they last a lot longer than universal mats.
  • Star car mats are lightweight & easy to clean.
  • Star car mats has metal foot pad on driver mat to reduce wear and tear.